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PSYCH Annotated Bibliography Assignment


This guide highlights useful sources for your Annotated Bibliography assignment.

Click through the blue tabs to access different sections of this research guide. The Stages listed in this guide correspond to the stages of your assignment.

Have questions? Please contact your Merritt College Reference Librarians - we are here to help! 

Identifying Your Topic

Before you begin your annotated bibliography, you will need to identify a topic.

A good place to explore topics is our Library Catalog. Type in some keywords (or even just the single word Psychology) and see which topics might interest you.

You may also find general ideas and concepts in psychology by browsing through the following sources.

Get Your Topic Approved

Set up an appointment with your instructor and be prepared to discuss:

  • The topic of interest
  • The population
  • Any problems or issues
  • Your working research question
  • The Psychology approach

Each of the above items much be in alignment with your course and requires approval by your instructor.