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Textbooks: How to Get Them

A guide to finding textbooks at Merritt


The Merritt College Library is committed to helping students with their academic resources. Many classes require physical textbooks and we strive to stock as many of them as possible within our collection.

Note that due to book order timing, stock availability, budgetary constraints, and occasional delay in faculty book decisions, we do not have all textbooks available in the library. 


Image Attribution: Inayaysad, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Where Do I Find Textbooks?

There are a variety of ways you can acquire your textbooks. It's really up to you! Consider your budget as well as the timing of your need (Do you need it urgently right now? Do you need a copy at home? Will you need a copy on the weekends?).


I Want To Buy the Textbook

The Merritt College bookstore should have all of the required textbooks. If you want to visit the store in person, be sure to check their hours.

The bookstore has an textbook finder which allows you search by semester and class to determine which texts are Required and/or Recommended.

You are welcome to purchase your books at locations other than the bookstore. Be aware that the bookstore is committed to providing you with the lowest prices; if you find a cheaper price elsewhere within seven days of purchase at the bookstore, you will be refunded the difference. Find further details in-store or online.


I Want To Rent the Textbook

The bookstore has a limited number of textbook semester rentals. The textbook finder allows you to see if bookstore rentals are available for your text. For additional details on the program, please refer to the bookstore's rental FAQ.









At the end of the term, the student is responsible for returning the book to the store in good condition. You may write in it or highlight reasonably, but you need to protect it from excessive wear or water staining. If the book is not returned in acceptable condition, or not returned at all, the student will be charged approximately the difference of the rental fee and if they just bought it originally.


I Want To Borrow the Textbook From the Library

The library has many, but not all of the textbooks. To check if the library has a specific book, type the name of the textbook into the library catalog search bar. Be sure to check authorship, edition, and year published to make sure you have the correct textbook. 

If you find the textbook at the library, it will likely be in one of these places:

  • Reserves: Reserves at kept behind the counter at the Circulation Desk. Ask the staff member for your title and they will retrieve it for you. These books may be checked out for 2 hours for in-library use only. You may not leave the library with this book.

    • You may request 2 chapters of Reserve textbook scans online using this form. You will be emailed a pdf of the chapters within a few days.

    • You may scan chapters of the book yourself using our free library scanner. Note that all scans are subject to the book's copyright.

  • Circulating: If the book's catalog description says that it is in the library's Circulating collection, it is a book you may check out and take home for 3 weeks. Use the book's call number to find it in our library. The librarians are happy to assist you!
  • EBook:  Ebooks are available to you online. You are able to read them from anywhere. If you are off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your Peralta credentials to confirm you are enrolled at Merritt. Typically, one user is allowed at a time; if someone else is reading the book, you will have to wait until they close it to read it. You are not allowed to download the Ebooks. 

Bookstore Contact Information

The Merritt Bookstore is located on campus in Building R, next to the cafeteria. 

Contact Information: