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COMM 20 Marriage & Partnership Research Assignment: Home

Research Guide for COMM 20 Hybrid Interpersonal Communication Skills Course


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Wedding rings

How We Create Good Marriages/Partnerships

Research Assignment/Oral Presentation

Give a 3 to 5 minute presentation summarizing the information you find most important/interesting from your sources. You must use at least two books (or scholarly journals) as sources plus 3 other sources (not or an unapproved .com), and turn in an MLA formatted Works Cited page. Your speech must be delivered extemporaneously using index cards.

Find books, articles, & resources that describe/ analyze your topic choice. Click on the attachment below to see the full list of topics. Previous students have found the 5 proper sources necessary for all these topics.

Additional Handouts

Oral Presentation Checklist

Oral Presentation Outline