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COMM 19 Internet Research Assignment: Home


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Internet Research

Research Assignment/Oral Presentation

1) From the list below, choose a Company you would like to research.  Sign up for a topic via your High School instructor.   You can also submit a Company not on the list that you would like for me to approval.  If you choose that option, email me the name of the company and describe why you would like to research it.

*Must be done no later than Friday, April 27th

2) Give a 3 to 5-minute presentation summarizing their founding owners, location, products, current status and leaders (CEO/President), on one of the following Computer/Internet companies.   Due on 5/8 in our final class face to face meeting

-          You must use at least five sources (2 books or scholarly journals and 3 other sources which could be magazines, newspapers, or .edu, .gov, or responsible .coms not  You must turn in a typed written sheet with the research you discovered and a properly formatted MLA Works Cited sheet.  

1) Amazon

2) America Online- History                             3) Today

4) Apple- History                                                 5) Today

6) Craigslist- History                                          7) Today

8) Dell

9) Ebay

10) Facebook

11) Gateway

12) Google

13) Hewlett-Packard- History                         14) Today

15) History of Netscape

16) History of Sun Microsystems

17) History of Youtube

18) IBM- History                                                19) Today

20) Myspace

21) Microsoft- History                                      22) Today

23) The History of the Internet

24) Yahoo- History                                            25) Today


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