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Oral Presentation Assignment

Give a 3 to 5-minute extemporaneously delivered speech using index cards.  You must:

1) Choose a Company/Organization’s leader to analyze their ICE: Type your name on the sign-up sheet (only 1 student per topic).

2) Research its History: Provide a brief history of the company.

A. Including the mission and vision statements.  If you cannot find in-depth research on the company, provide research on the particular industry in which it operates.  You must use at least two books (or scholarly journals) as sources plus 3 other sources (not or an unapproved .com), and submit a MLA formatted Works Cited page at the beginning of your speech.

3) Explain How Their Leader(s) used the 5 elements of ICE to achieve international success.

1) 3M (William McKnight and other leaders)
2) Toyota (Eiji Toyoda and other leaders)
3) Boeing (William Boeing and other leaders)
4) IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad and other leaders)
5) Ford (Henry Ford and other leaders)
6) Hewlett Packard (Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard)
7) Sony (Masaru Ibuka and other leaders)
8) Disney (Walt Disney)
9) Marriott Hotels (J. Willard Marriott)
10) Nokia (Kari Kairamo)
11) Walmart (Sam Walton)
12) Pfizer (Charles Pfizer and other leaders)
13) Colgate (William Colgate and other leaders)
14) Nike (Phil Knight)
15) Bristol- Myers (William Bristol and John Myers)
16) Virgin (Richard Branson and Nik Powell)
17) Apple (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak)
18) Merck (George Merck and other leaders)
19) Columbia Pictures (Harry Cohn and other leaders)
20) Howard Johnson Hotels (Howard Johnson and other leaders)
21) Nordstrom (Frank Melville and other leaders)
22) Microsoft (Bill Gates and Paul Allen)
23) eBay (Meg Whitman and other leaders)
24) Citicorp (James Stillman and other leaders)
25) Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin)
26) Coca-Cola (Robert Woodruff and other leaders)
27) IBM (Thomas Watson and other leaders)
28) Levi Straus & Co (Lob Strauss and other leaders)
29) Standard Oil (John Rockefeller and Harry Flagler)
30) Newscorp (Rupert Murdoch)

Additional Handouts

Oral Presentation Checklist

Oral Presentation Outline