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Embedding a Librarian in Your Class


The Merritt College library encourages faculty to embed Reference/Instructional Librarians within their courses for ease and efficiency of student-librarian-faculty communication. Librarians may be embedded in both virtual and in-person class environments.

An embedded librarian is one of our Merritt College librarians, officially assigned to your class. Their job is to support you and your students with library resources and to facilitate information literacy as appropriate for your course.

How to Embed a Librarian in Your Class

First Step:

If you would like to embed a librarian in your class, please contact the Library Department chair, Adoria Williams, via email or phone (510-619-8789). Please provide details about your course (name, class number, and dates/times your class meets). Adoria will get back to you with your assigned librarian and will connect the two of you by email.

If your class DOES NOT have a Canvas environment:

Correspond with your assigned librarian and discuss how you envision utilizing their skills/services. Please refer to the In-Person Embedded Librarian page of this guide for further details.

If your class DOES have a Canvas environment: 

After you have received your librarian's name and contact information from Adoria, you will add the librarian to your class Canvas environment.

You will need to make the request through the Help Desk. Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Peralta Help Desk portal
  2. Log in using your Peralta Portal information.
  3. Fill in everything shown in the photo below.
  • for 'Request Type" choose 'Canvas'
  • for the second drop down under 'Request Type' (this won't appear until you fill in the first drop down with Canvas) choose 'ADD TA/Tutor/Observer/DE Coordinator/Librarian.' 
  • For 'Campus' select 'Merritt'
  • Fill in the 'Name of your Class' and the 5-digit course code
  • For 'Please Add to My Class' select 'Librarian'
  • For 'Names' and 'Peralta email' fill in the name of the Librarian and the Librarian's Peralta email address
  • Mark 'YES' for 'Currently Employed'
  • For 'Carbon Copy' field, send a copy to the librarian.

  1. Save and Submit the request














Within a few days, your assigned librarian will receive an email invitation to join your class on Canvas in a librarian role. Please refer to the Virtually Embedded Librarian page of this guide for further details.