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Streaming Video Collections

Streaming Videos & Quality Podcasts for the College Classroom


Films on Demand is a streaming video subscription service purchased by the Merritt College Library. All Merritt students and faculty can access 25,000 feature films or just view shorter segments of these films 24/7 when on campus or when away from campus.


If you are a faculty member be sure to contact library staff so that your faculty ID number can be entered into the library's database to enable your remote access to this resource.


New York Times online is free to all Merritt College Students and faculty. Search the New York Times website for its collection of news videos.


Create a free account while on campus to gain access ot the Times. Once your account has been created you can access the NY Times 24/7 on campus or when away from campus.

Videos produced by the Associated Press are available free on Youtube as its own channel.


The AP Channel offers recent videos of current events. The AP Archives Channel  offers historical footage from the extensive archives of the AP. "AP is … a not-for-profit news cooperative owned by its American newspaper and broadcast members…. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting….”

CNN News Videos is offered by CNN News.


The Cable News Network (CNN) was launched in 1980. CNN is  staffed 24 hours, seven days a week…in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia; and in bureaus worldwide…[relying on almost 4,000 news professionals]; features…live video streaming to…to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.”


British Movietone  offers a rich historical archive of newsreel footage which is available on Youtube as its own channel. Use this resource to view thousands of historical newsreels.


Download and listen to hundreds of informative, and entertaining podcasts for NPR. Podcasts span a wide range of categories: Arts, Business, Comedy, Games & Hobbies, Music, News & Politics, Science & Media, Society & Culture, Sports & Recreation, Technology. Avid NPR listeners will recognize some of their favorite programs Alt.Latin, Car Talk, Fresh Air, Planet Money, Piano Jazz Shorts, Story Corps, and TED Radio Hour.

NPR (National Public Radio)  is an internationally acclaimed producer and distributor of noncommercial news, talk, and entertainment programming. A privately supported, not-for-profit membership organization, NPR serves a growing audience of more than 23 million Americans each week in partnership with more than 780 independently operated, noncommercial public radio stations. Each NPR Member Station serves local listeners with a distinctive combination of national and local programming."


Kanopy is now available to the Merritt Campus community. What makes Kanopy unique it that it offers hundrend of full length feature films that are works of fiction/drama. Kanopy also offers students the opportunity to watch over 30,000 documentaries, along with classic and indie films. Kanopy can be viewed on a desktop, a mobile device and through Roku.


Please Contact Us with any additional questions.


Integrating Media into the Classroom

These two 30 minutes videos from Cambridge Educational discuss the use of media in the classroom:

                 Integrating Media into the Classroom: Theory and Research (28 minutes),

                 Integrating Media into the Classroom: Practice and Case Studies (30 minutes). 


Positive Impacts of Educational Videos

Academic studies have found that the use videos in education increases learning (Greenberg, 2013).  Video use in teaching brings about many other positive impacts such as better recall, increased student motivation to learn, and student satisfaction (Pekdag, 2010). In one study students felt that videos in the classroom provided "permanent ties with what is learned by associating them with daily life (Kosterelioglu, 2016).  When videos are used there are positive impacts on students' interest and concentration (Berk, 2009), and students' feelings about learning (Hakkarainen, 2007).

A recent white paper commission by Cisco summarizes the findings related to the positive impacts of the use of video in teaching.

The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video in Education: what the research says and how educators and decision makers can begin to prepare for the future."  

The Need for Media Literacy

"Recognizing Online Propaganda, Bias &  Advertising" - 23 minutes.

This short film can help your students sharpen their media literacy skills. 

From the producers' description:

"While their motives aren’t always evil, people who bend the truth don’t usually do so for the greater good, either. The online world is no exception—in fact, it’s a paradise for purveyors of hype, pseudo-journalism, and intellectual snake oil. This video explores ways to identify bias and propaganda on the Internet and sift through the various influences, such as political or corporate interests, that may be behind some Web content."