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COMM 20 Job Interview Research Assignment: Home


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The Job Interview

Research Assignment/Oral Presentation

Give a 3 to 5-minute extemporaneously delivered speech using index cards.

You must:

​1) Choose a Company, Restaurant, Department Store, or other Business

A. Where you would like to work that is advertising (either locally, in a newspaper, magazine, or on the Internet) to hire a new employee. Copy and submit the job listing (or a link to it).

2) Research its History

B. Including the mission and vision statements. If you cannot find in-depth research on the company, provide research on the particular industry in which they operate. You use at least two books (or scholarly journals) as sources plus 3 other sources (not or an unapproved .com), and turn in an MLA formatted Works Cited page at the beginning of your speech.

3) Identify their Needs

C. Anonymously call them or walk through their business to learn how they operate/communicate. From that short interaction, learn shared environments (similarities) you may have with current employees. Share what you learned in your presentation.

D. Match elements of the job description/duties that match your past experiences and/or strengths. Strategically position a weakness (for example: “Sometimes I over-prepare”).

4) Explain How You Will Nonverbally Communicate

E. Dress or present an example (a picture from a magazine) of how you would dress for the interview. Explain why you chose the color, your hair style, etc.

F. Explain how early you plan to arrive to the interview and why.

5) Explain the Conflict Resolution Style You Use Most Often

G. Then explain the style you plan to use most often at work.

6) Explain how you will send Recognition, Acknowledgment, & Endorsement messages during the interview.

H. Include specific adjectives you will use to describe yourself, the job you are applying for, and the business/company?

Additional Handouts

Oral Presentation Checklist

Oral Presentation Outline