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Career Guidance for Merritt

Merritt College Counseling

Location: Student Center, R Building, Rooms 109


Merritt College counselors provide academic, career, and personal counseling services to help students identify educational, career and personal goals and develop plans to achieve those goals.

Students should schedule an appointment with a counselor for career counseling services.

Call: (510) 436-2475

Click for Merritt College's Counseling webpage.

Streaming Multimedia Videos

           Films on Demand logo image

If you prefer to learn from multi-media presentations, we now offer a rich  database of  videos: Films on Demand.

This resource contains short and full length videos on various career fields.

Entering  the term "careers" in the Films on Demand search window will display a list of 392 films or short video clips that describe various career fields.

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The Kanopy database contains several videos related to career development and career paths.

Career Development begins with Self-Assessment & Career Assessment

Choosing your career and  taking the steps necessary to start on the path to your career goals is what Career Development is all about. There are two stages:

- Self-assessment (understanding your personality, preferences, values, and aptitudes)

- Career-assessment (understanding what jobs and industries exist and what is required to      work in those fields)

This LibGuide helps you access tools to work on self-assessment and career-assessment on your own. For face-to-face in person counseling, make an appointment with a Merritt College counselor.

Career Development Resources at Merritt College

Whether looking for your first job after college or changing careers, self-assessment & career-assessment are on-going tasks.

Once in a job and advancing  on a career path, changes in the economy, in industries, as well as changes in one's life needs and aspirations, require periodic individual effort at what career theorists Robert W. Lent calls "routine career renewal" which involves "skill updating," "interest expansion,"  and "new work goals."

Career Assessment as Lifelong Learning

A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLM) survey of younger baby boomers found that these workers on average had held 11.7 jobs from the ages of 18-48.

The great recession of 2007-2009 and increasing global competition underscore the idea that the tasks involved in career development, i.e. assessing what we want out of our work life, seeing that we have the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes for the jobs of the present, are tasks that we will need to attend to repeatedly during our working lives.

Career Development Infographic

Drawing of 3 intersecting circles of interest: what you love, what you can do well, and jobs that pay well

First Steps

First Steps in Choosing a career 

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. Career-Assessment
  3. Career Planning
  4. Resume Writing
  5. Interview Preparation
  6. Job Hunting
  7. Networking

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