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Guide for Assignment 2

General Information

Welcome to this research guide for students taking Nutrition 10. This guide will assist you in completing your Assignment 2 research and report.
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Assignment 2

Choose an original research study to read from among the peer reviewed journal list on the right. Any other journal must first be approved by the instructor.

The study chosen must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be original research (not a meta analysis) from an approved journal
  • Must be about nutrition
  • Must be less than five years old
  • Must be a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) as this is the gold standard for research.

You may have to read several articles to be sure that an actual study was done and that the authors were not simply reviewing studies done by others. Be careful not to use a "meta-analysis" -- an examination of data from a number of independent studies of the same subject.

Make a copy of the study you choose - you must submit a full copy of the study along with your research report.


NOTE:  Many of the approved journals are available in Merritt Library Databases, which are free for our students  (unlike many of those found on the internet); The databases are also recommended for their ease of searching.  The Libraries at UCB and UCSF are closed at this time, and their online databases are not available to Merritt students.

See the Database tab above for our Library recommendations.


List of Journals

NUTRITION 10  Approved Journals

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition    

American Journal of Public Health         

Archives of Internal Medicine

British Journal of Nutrition

British Medical Journal    


Diabetes Care

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition    

Food Technology

 International Journal of Obesity

Journal of Clinical Investigation

 Journal of Clinical Nutrition        

 Journal of Nutrition

Journal of Nutrition Education

Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics        

Journal of the American College of Nutrition     

Journal of the American Medical Association     

Journal of the National Cancer Institute  


 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise     

New England Journal of Medicine          


Nutrition Research           



Preventive Medicine