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Popular Magazines for Astronomy: Home

Provides students quick access to leading Astronomy magazines that can be read full text issue by issue. Resources such as these can encourage reading and teach students reputable sources of information.

Sky & Telescope magazine

Sky & Telescope Magazine cover image as an example of the colorful photographs


"Sky & Telescope" (pdf & html versions)

Click to view a listing of every issue organized by issue from the most recent to the oldest.


"Sky & Telescope" magazine is " now 77th year. It is "the world's leading compendium of timely and accurate information about the science and hobby of astronomy."

"Sky & Telescope" magazine

  • For "astronomy practitioners of all levels – from novices with their first telescope, to intermediate and advanced backyard astronomers, to professionals."
  • Has articles that "are rich in information and images that compel readers to go out and experience the night sky firsthand,"
  • "Delivers the latest astronomy news, science, observing tips, product reviews, and imaging techniques,"
  • "Authority, credibility, and accuracy" are the hallmarks of Sky & Telescope.

Astronomy magazine

Astronomy Magazine Cover image as an example of the colorful illustrations


Astronomy Magazine (html version, no images)




"Astronomy is a monthly science and hobby magazine with more than 140,000 readers. The magazine serves readers who want to keep up with the latest discoveries and understand astronomical science, as well as those who want to know what is happening in the sky each month."

Each monthly issue includes

  • expert science reporting,
  • complete sky-event coverage,
  • spot-on observing tips,
  • informative telescope reviews,
  • a whole lot more.